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Auto Accidents

We have successfully treated thousands of people who have had a Motor Vehicle Accident.

We can help you deal with insurance companies and lawyers.

Come in and let my years of experience work for you.

I also offer relief and rehabilitation for people who are injured in sports activities, people who have on-going physical conditions and folks who just get out of bed with "a crick in the neck."

Don't just take drugs that cover up the problem, fix it here.

Financial Info

"I have been treated by several chiropractors but Dr. Hazen has by far been the most helpful to me."
S. Wright, Santa Fe

Chiropractic adjustments are $50. Cash or check only.

Senior (65 and older), $40.

Family plan: The first person is full price. Each other immediate family member, on the same day, is half price.

Our pre-pay option can get you treatments for $35.

We can never guarantee that Chiropractic care can cure everything that ails you but your chances are good and the risk factors are better than with drugs.


Hazen Chiropractic Health Center

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Hazen Chiropractic Health Center